00Why Safety
1 Awareness on Occupational Health & Safety
2 Awareness on Environmental Management System
2-AEnvironment awareness
3 Selection and Use of Personal Protective Equipment’s
4Material handling
5SHE training on Excavation
6SHE training on Barricading
7SHE training on Traffic Management
8SHE training on Rigging and lifting
8-ASHE training on Rigging-basic equipment’s thru Video
8-BRigging Safety thru Video
9SHE training on Confined Space
9-ASafety in Confined space
9-BTotal Safety Confined Space
10SHE training on tunnelling
10-ATunnel Boring Machine
11SHE training on Electrical Safety
11-ASHE training on Home Electrical-Safety thru Video
11-BSHE training on Electrical Safety
11-CPrevention Onlythru Video
11-DSHE training on Importance of Electrical Safety Audit
11-EElectrical Safety for Indl. Facilities
11-FElectrical Safety
12-13 SHE training on  Welding , Grinding , Cutting and bending work
12-ASHE training on Arc Welding
12-BSHE training on Oxy-fuel Equipments
12-CWelding incident in confined space-Video
12-DSHE training on Welding & Gas Cutting Safety thru Video
14SHE training on Demolition
15SHE training on Painting
16SHE training on  Hot & Cold Environment
17SHE training on  Permit to Work
17-APermit to Work
18SHE training on Scaffolding
19SHE training on Ladder
20SHE training on Driving Safety
20-ASHE training thru Video on Defensive Driving
20-BSHE training on 2-Wheeler Road Safety
20-CSHE training on Defensive Driving
20-DSHE training thru Video on Driving & Mobile Phone
20-ESHE training on Fork lift Safety
20-FFatal alert Hydra
21SHE training on Fire Safety
21-AFire fighting
21-BFire Fighting
21-CFire Extinguisher Procedure
21-DPetroleum Fire
21-FIS 2191:2010
21-GFire Extinguisher Awareness
21-HFire Safety in Industry
21-ISafety & Fire protection in LPG installation
21-JFire Fighting
21-KFire Fighting
22SHE training on Piling
23SHE training on Work At height
23-ASHE training on Fatal Fall From Height
23-BSHE training thru Video on Job at height in Retail
24SHE training on Fall Protection
25SHE training on Blasting
26SHE training on  Hazardous substance and waste
27SHE training on Waste Management
28SHE training on Communication Leadership
29SHE training on  Behaviour Safety and task analysis
30SHE training on Emergency Preparedness
31 SHE training on Accident Investigation
32 SHE training on Building & Other Construction Workers Act
33 SHE training on Petroleum Act   & Rules
34 SHE training on Gas Cylinder Rules, 2004
35SHE training on  First Aid
35-ASHE training on Cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR) thru Video
35-BFirst Aid
36 Awareness training on Mobile usage
36-AEffects of Mobile radiation
37Awareness training on Housekeeping
37-A5’S’ training for workers
37-B5’S’ training
38Awareness training on  Safety leadership
39SHE training on  Landscape , greenery and fell of tree
40SHE training on Ventilation and illumination
41SHE training on Good & Bad Safety
42SHE training thru ILO Cartoons
43SHE training on Construction Vehicle Safety
43-ASHE training thru Video on Construction Safety
43-BGeneral Construction Safety
44SHE training on Bachao thru Video
45SHE training on Use of Fall Arrestor
46SHE training on Attitude thru Video
47Captain Safety episode
48Chemical Handling
48-AChemical Handling Hazards
49Chemical Hazard Communication
50Power Tools
51Job Safety Analysis
52Labour Welfare
53Work Place Safety(Hindi)
54Contractor Safety(Hindi)
56Bad work habits
57Stress Management
58Factories Act, 1948
59SHE Basics
61Safety work place
62Safety Audit
63Dow index
64Disaster management
65Training manual hazard identification techniques
66Disaster Management (Hindi)
67AAG (Hindi)
69Emergency Calendar
70Karam (Hindi)
71Bhopal Gas
72Road Safety (Hindi)
73Driving Safety
73 ADriving Safety
74Traffic Rules
75Vehicle Check List
76STAR (Point of Work Assessment)
77Final Hazop –Manual-1
79Electrical Safety -Accident
80Health & Safety Management System
81Over View on Identification of Hazards
83Chemical safety aspects
84Safe work Practices at Work Place
85Safety measures at railway siding
86Uncertain geological conditions such as: High ingress of water with or without debris